For the Love of Old: Door Edition

I tend to lean towards recycling materials as much as possible whenever I take on an art/building project. There is something about working with old wooden doors that I absolutely adore. Everything from the rusted hinges to the chipped paint gives the piece a background that is uniquely its own. This particular door was found at the Fort Worth flea market last month. I paid $15 … Continue reading For the Love of Old: Door Edition

Fence Picket Mantel

We’ve been redecorating our living room for the last couple of weeks. It all started when Spencer decided to mount the television on the wall and somehow snowballed from there. We found ourselves needing something to hold our gaming console and receiver. In our multiple trips to Ikea (seven total) we couldn’t find anything we liked. We decided we wanted to put in a mantel … Continue reading Fence Picket Mantel