Cuban Sandwich Cafe

Living on the east side really has its perks. The rent is cheap, downtown Austin is 5 minutes away, and, most importantly, there is an incredibly diverse selection of places to eat. East Austin is basically a melting pot. Are you looking for American food made with locally grown ingredients? Try East Side Cafe. Love breakfast tacos the size of a newborn child? Head on … Continue reading Cuban Sandwich Cafe

Paco’s Tacos and Migas

I have a confession. I’m really embarrassed to admit this…. but…. I’ve gone almost 25 years in Texas without ever eating migas. Go ahead and judge me. Hell, I judge myself. What makes it even worse is that I live in AUSTIN, otherwise known as the migas capital of the southwest (I’m pretty sure it’s in the atlas filed under “Egg Dishes.” What? You don’t … Continue reading Paco’s Tacos and Migas