Culinary School [fin]

About a month ago I had my final practical of my culinary school career. It seems like only yesterday I was posting about my first week, learning how to concasse a tomato and jabbing my palm with a paring knife (the first of MANY battle scars), going through an embarrassing amount of note cards, and discovering a love for butchery during our meats block. There were fights and love fests along the way. We became a pretty tight, slightly dysfunctional, family.

For our final, we each picked an ingredient or course to create a tasting dish, a bite size plate, around. I chose to do a dessert (BIG SURPRISE). This was my first attempt at a composed dessert so there was definite trepidation.

I found it only appropriate to center my plate around one of my most favorite ingredients: GOAT CHEESE!

Here was my though process after that initial decision:

“Now what pairs well with goat cheese?”


“And what pairs with pistachios?”





I’ve recently been introduced to the world of mousses, so that was fresh in my head, and it seemed like a nice light way to end a meal. I also decided to create a pistachio macaron and add candied pistachios for a nice crunchy element. As for the beets, I went to one of my favorite cookbooks, “Milkbar”, for a beet-lime ganache recipe. All of these elements sit atop a very small, yet incredibly loud round piece of pink and white jaconde sponge cake (this was purely for asthetics).

My initial sketch:

My final product:

I was pleased with the outcome, although trying to compose a dessert in a 100 degree kitchen was pretty horrifying. Now on to the real world! I’ll miss my school family but its pretty nice not having to put on that uniform every morning…


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