Chocolate Butterflies!

These are actually really simple to make. Have some recipe sized index cards (4″x6″), and parchment paper cut to equal size handy. fold them in half so that it creases down the middle.  Next you’ll need some chocolate, generally the waxy, less pricy, melting chocolate is best… Hell, almond bark would be perfect! Put the chocolate in a plastic pastry bag (or ziplock bag) and … Continue reading Chocolate Butterflies!

Chai Spiced Cupcakes with Honey-Ginger Buttercream

Chai tea is the shiz. Its the bee’s knees, The cat’s pajamas, the… Real McCoy? It’s delicious. Its the perfect blend of sweet and spicy which is why it’s perfect for cupcakes! I paired it with a ginger-honey buttercream but you can also make this into a 8 inch round cake with a simple powdered sugar coating. Either way it’ll be amazing! What you’ll need: … Continue reading Chai Spiced Cupcakes with Honey-Ginger Buttercream