Unicycle Football: The Hot Dogs vs. Los Bierdos

Last weekend I had the joy of going to watch my friend Johnny Bebo play unicycle football. No thats not a typo. UNICYCLE FOOTBALL! Bear with me while I attempt to explain this…

The traditional coin toss is replaced with a joust on unicycles.

They place 5 0n 5 using flags…

Plays can only be made while on the unicycle. Once a player fall off of their unicycle, they must get back on before they can affect the play.

(This photo isn’t necessarily illustrating the rule… I just really love it.)

If a player dismounts the unicycle with the ball, they are down.


They play 4 quarters with a halftime, and most games have two referees and line judges.

Touchdowns are 6 points. After a touchdown a team can opt to kick a field goal from the unicycle (2 points), or go for a one-point conversion.

Pictured here is the human field goal post:

Good lord this really is the definition of a spectator sport, eh?




So check out their site, look at the schedule, and make your way down to San Marcos, TX to catch a game! Bring your lawn chair and an ice chest packed full of your favorite beverages… and be prepared to have an awesomely unique experience!

(For more photos check out my album on Flickr.)


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