For the Love of Old: Door Edition

I tend to lean towards recycling materials as much as possible whenever I take on an art/building project. There is something about working with old wooden doors that I absolutely adore. Everything from the rusted hinges to the chipped paint gives the piece a background that is uniquely its own. This particular door was found at the Fort Worth flea market last month. I paid $15 for it and hauled it back to Austin in my car (where it took up every bit of space I had).

With a good scrubbing, about 5 small boxes of tack nails and 250 feet of craft wire I came up with this:

Details of the floral pattern:

I added a frame around the outside to allow it to hang on the wall. I think it would look lovely with some ambient light shining through the drilled holes.

This project probably took about 12 hours and 25 dollars total to do. Next time you’re looking for an art piece for your home, don’t underestimate the power of an old door. Go to the flea markets with an open mind and you’ll be sure to surprise yourself!

I also have a previous door project tutorial that can be found here.


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