The Garden House

A couple of years ago my parents and I set out to build a garden. We wanted a structure, and because we had access to quite a few antique windows, that seemed to be a perfect jumping off point.

We cemented landscaping timbers into the ground, making sure they were level, and then we framed out the rest of the structure with 2×4’s.

The old windows and doors were fastened next, along with fencing wire that was wrapped along the bottom half and attached to the roof.

We used cut bamboo rods to make the roof. We wanted the ivy we were planting to have something to latch on to. Lastly we added the archway, table, and a chandelier. That was 2 years ago…

This is the garden house today:

So green! It didn’t take long for the vines to take off! The stained glass window was a wonderful touch…

I love that it already looks like it’s been around for decades. It has been a refuge from the sun and it looks gorgeous at night when its lit up by candles and twinkle lights.

(Pardon the blue swimming pool. It was 100+ degrees when I took this photo and the dogs were needing some relief…)


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