A Nice Twist on a Caprese Sandwich

Every time I water my garden, I rub one of the leaves from my basil plant with my hand and then I just stand there and smell it (Is that strange? Should I regret typing that?).

I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I think that the tomato-basil-mozzarella flavor combination might be the best thing on Earth. LITERALLY. THE. BEST. THING. ON. EARTH. From here on out I’m going to refer to it as the holy flavor trinity.

This recipe is perfect for the summer time because it combines two great summer staples: the grill and SANDWICHES. A caprese sandwich usually calls for the standard holy flavor trinity, but to add a little more summer pizzaz we’re gonna throw in some fresh avocado!

  • First thing you’re going to do is slather some basil pesto onto both sides of your bread. We usually use ciabatta rolls for grilled sandwiches but this week we have 2 loaves of multigrain bread that we need to use up.
  • Next you’ll layer on some mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, parmesan cheese, and avocado. If your meal isn’t complete without some meat, feel free to throw in some grilled chicken!
  • Oil up the hot grill (we used olive oil) and place the sandwich on it. In order to get some nice grill marks and a good hot sandwich, you’ll need to place something slightly heavy on top of the sandwich. We used a pizza stone and it worked perfectly. After a few minutes you’ll need to flip the sandwich over.
And thats it!!! So easy and DELICIOUS!

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