The Parent’s New Kitchen!

The  two things I love most about my parents outdoor kitchen are:

  1. Almost everything used on the interior of the kitchen was recycled.
  2. It was a real family affair from getting it built all the way down to the final decorative touches.

This is a sign I built using an old door, yarn, and white twinkle lights. I’ll probably do a separate post about this later.

The main table (photographed  in progress). The base is built out of old doors and the top is covered in barn wood. You can view more photos of this project here.

This chandelier was built by my mother and me using old mason jars. You can read the tutorial here.

This armoir came from the breezeway. We distressed it, white-washed it, and sanded it down to “beachy” perfection. The white really pops against the barn wood walls!

The walls were decorated with old metal signs, antlers, and beautiful rusted tin.

The walls were covered with wood that came from an old barn (to be more specific, our friend Aaron’s great grandfather’s barn).

Which meant pulling a TON of old rusty nails.

But it was worth it when I found little “treasures” like this:

“Looking for the wrong road to turn right.”

The final product! Beautiful!


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