Let’s Eat!

This is a tutorial of sorts. If you’ve read my post about my parents new kitchen then you saw the sign I built using an old door, yarn and white twinkle lights.

To do this you’ll need:

  • weathered door
  • polyurethane and brush
  • drill witha small bit AND a bit large enough to make a hole the size of a twinkle light (the sizes can vary slightly)
  • yarn
  • white twinkle lights

Start by cleaning the door. I had to use the water-hose because this door was COVERED in dirt. Once dry, put a couple of coats of polyurethane on it. Fun fact: At this point you can turn the door into a unique headboard by simply attaching some 2×4’s to the bottom and securing it to the wall. Thats what happened to this door’s sister!

After the poly has had time to dry, sketch out your letters with a pencil. You will then drill holes along the outside edge of the letters.

Next you’ll string yarn (or wire) through the smaller holes tying off the ends on the backside.

You will then use the large drill bit to drill holes along the inside of the letters. Each hole will hold a light (KEEP THAT IN MIND!!!).

Lastly you will secure the lights in the holes. I had to wrap a little bit of masking tape around some of the lights in order for them to fit snugly. When you finish putting the lights in then pat yourself on the back because you’re DONE! SERIOUSLY! Plug it in and admire it… Maybe with a glass of wine in hand if thats your style!


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