Paco’s Tacos and Migas

I have a confession. I’m really embarrassed to admit this…. but…. I’ve gone almost 25 years in Texas without ever eating migas. Go ahead and judge me. Hell, I judge myself. What makes it even worse is that I live in AUSTIN, otherwise known as the migas capital of the southwest (I’m pretty sure it’s in the atlas filed under “Egg Dishes.” What? You don’t have an atlas that arranges locations by food? Well now I judge YOU.)

Rest easy, though, because I recently rectified this problem. Let me introduce you to Paco’s Tacos. It’s located on the east side of 51st street (WHAT UP 78723!) in a recently renovated, incredibly charming, mid-century house. The atmosphere in laid back and staff are always welcoming… And the food! Did I mention the food?! Glorious combinations of peppers and meats… Cheeses and eggs… So many salsas! I’ve tried something different on the menu every time I go and have never been disappointed. Paco’s migas are no exception. They smelled so delicious that I felt compelled to grab my camera and get a shot of them before I devoured the dish (which I did… Oh boy did I ever). I really can’t say enough good things about this place!

Look at this! Isn’t it gorgeous? I can actually smell the peppers and corn tortillas THROUGH the computer screen.

And this salsa! If you have a chance to go to Paco’s please do yourself a favor and try all of their salsas. This one, a creamy verde salsa, is my personal favorite.

A couple of weeks later my mom and I decided it was time to try our hand at making migas. We didn’t really use any specific recipe, but rather we decided to wing it, which is one of the great things about migas. There are so many different combinations that its almost impossible to mess this dish up. I’ll post links to a couple of my favorite migas recipes at the bottom of the page.

First you’ll begin by chopping up your veggies (and fruit in our case. A tomato is actually a fruit. Did you know that? Oh, you did? well FINE). We used tomatoes, green onion, jalepeno, and green bell pepper (not pictured).

Next you’ll heat some oil in a large skillet and grab your corn tortillas.

Fry them up one at a time in the oil. Only about 30 seconds or so per side. The goal is to not fry them all the way. They shouldn’t be flimsy but they also shouldn’t be brown.

Once they’ve cooled off a little you’ll stack them up and cut them into strips. Set them aside.

Now you’re going to add the veggies (except the jalepeno) into the skillet and let them cook over medium heat until they’re tender. We also added some finely cubed ham into the mix because, according to the men in my family, it’s not an actual meal unless theres meat involved.

Next you’ll add back in the lightly fried corn tortillas.

And them comes the eggs. We added a little bit of milk to the eggs, but if you’re feeling crazy then you can add cream instead.

Allow the eggs to cook, constantly scraping the bottom of the skillet with a spatula. Lastly, sprinkle them with cheese. Whatever cheese tickles your fancy. Go for it!

Then simply wrap them up in a nice warm flour tortilla and drizzle with your favorite salsa. Enjoy!

Some favorite migas recipes:

This is a simple recipe, a great base to build on.

You can never go wrong with The Pioneer Woman.


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