Soft Pretzels and Serial Killers

I love impressions. Specifically bad impressions. When Mr. Finch tries to impersonate Bill Cosby it almost always comes out British. I die laughing every time. Lately we’ve been watching a lot of Dexter and the boys have been talking like Jimmy Smits for days now. In lieu of popcorn we decided to try our hands at making some soft pretzels… Mainly because I was out … Continue reading Soft Pretzels and Serial Killers

It’s Cookie Tiiiiiiiime (Thin Mints!)

Girl Scout Cookie season has supposedly been upon us now for a few weeks but I have seen nothing! NOTHING! Not a single Samoa, Tag-a-long, or even a damn Do-si-do! Where have all the Girl Scouts gone? I guess it’s my fault for living on the east side, a place notorious for being the red headed step-child of Austin… We can’t even get pizza delivered … Continue reading It’s Cookie Tiiiiiiiime (Thin Mints!)