Valentine’s Day and Heath’s 22nd Birthday!

This Valentine’s Day was memorable for a few reasons. First off, I think I washed my hands about 400 times throughout the day. I’ve been sick for the last few days which has culminated in me coughing up a lung and losing my voice. Super fun. Spencer told me, and I quote, “You sound like the devil.” To give you an idea of how scary my voice was, I’ve included the following video:


I’m Mr. Shickadance in this scenario.

Despite my state of health, I decided to PRESS ON and make my anual slew of V-day treats for Spen and Mr. Finch, as well as a couple of birthday cakes for my lovely younger cousin Heath.


Firstly I made whoopie pies with a spin. Instead of the traditional white filling, I chose to use raspberry buttercream frosting. They have a lot of personality, don’t they? The whoopie pie cookie recipe came from and the raspberry frosting recipe can be found here.


I saw these truffles in the latest issue of Southern Living while visiting my parents… I may or may not have ripped out the pages and shoved them in my purse. The recipe can actually be found on the Southern Living website. Instead of using peanuts I used toasted coconut and pecans.



Spen LOVES thin mints. It’s one of the few sweets he actually eats. Girl Scout cookie season can be a dangerous time for us, but this recipe seems to do the trick. I’ll post a step-by-step guide to making these cookies here in the coming week.



Simplicity was key in making Heath’s cakes. I halved Paula Deen’s pound cake recipe and baked it in a sheet pan. I then used a circular cookie cutter, 4 inches in diameter, and cut 6 round layers, three for each cake. I iced them with orange and lemon flavored buttercream. To flavor the frosting simply substitute  orange or lemon extract for the vanilla and mix thoroughly.  To decorate just lightly press a cookie cutter into the top of cake and fill with sprinkles (or brown sugar… or shaved chocolate… or coconut… Mmmmm… What was I saying?).




After a looooong day of baking Spen and I sat down to a nice romantic candlelit dinner of wine and cheese. Despite the fact that I sounded like death, and despite the fact that Spen set his napkin on fire as soon as we sat down, it was a… well… memorable evening!


Our spread pre-fire:


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day and Heath’s 22nd Birthday!

  1. You really did sound like Mr. Shickadance, but I bet Spencer sounded like a little girl when that napkin caught on fire!! Love you both!!

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