Junk Store Finds!

I love old things. Things that have a story. Even if I don’t know the backstory of a specific item I like to make one up. For Christmas Spencer gave me For the Love of Old, a book about unique and antique collections. If you’re interests are the same as mine, I highly recommend you pick up a copy.

On Tuesday, the last day of my mom’s Austin visit, we went to the resale shops on Burnet Rd. We ended up spending the bulk of our time at Out of the Past. This place is basically floor to ceiling STUFF. It has everything: boxes of 8 tracks, hundreds of photo albums from decades ago, THOUSANDS of dishes just piled on top of each other, old pipes, old cameras, boxes of cowboy boots… EVERYTHING. Let me make it clear that this is not a place to take the kiddos. The aisles are narrow and the piles of stuff are unstable to say the least (If you’re claustrophobic at all you might wanna steer clear). I went in search of  tea cups and saucers. I came away with more than I would have imagined. Here are some of the treasures found:

A vintage covered cake plate. I love the detailing around the edge:

My favorite part of the plate is the wooden acorn on top:

My grandmother had a sugar-bowl just like this one so I couldn’t pass it up:

I’m now using it to store my kosher salt:

I’ve wanted a vintage kitchen scale for years now, but I always held off because the cheapest ones were still around $50. We found this perfect scale at the junk shop. Price: $10.

This is one of the tea sets I got. I chose it because I loved the texture on the outside of the cups, plus I wanted something more gender neutral seeing as how I live with two guys.

This second tea set is more “eclectic.” My goal was to mix patterns and styles on both cups and saucers. The cups all have gold detail:

And the plates have mostly blue tones… (although I did choose some plates for display purposes):


One thought on “Junk Store Finds!

  1. I realize this is an old post but I just saw your cake plate on Pinterest. I have the same cake plate. My parents got married in 1953 and when they were engaged my mom went with her mother to listen to some sort of sales presentation. She was given the cake plate as a free gift for listening to the presentation. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do. I love using my mom’s. We are getting ready to celebrate my parents 60th anniversary this month. Enjoy:)

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